Our Approach

Saybrook Associates approach to Program Management is more than just providing a software solution it is in a fact an entire methodology. Our whole approach can be broken down in to three distinct phases:

  1. Develop a Strategy and Plan
  2. Measure and Compare/Analyze and Capture and
  3. Report and Recommend

We begin by ensuring that your Program/Project goals are aligned and consistent with your corporate goals. Program Management requires thinking ‘beyond the project’ and must incorporate business rules, needs, and processes of all required by all elements within your organization. Decisions made within a Project context must be compatible with long-range Program and corporate strategic planning. Our methodology starts with mapping and incorporating all of those requirements into our management and control model.


  • Map corporate and project business rules and success criteria.
  • Align Project goals with Program and Organizational goals and requirements.
  • Develop Execution Plans and Strategies for each Project.
  • Optimize and balance resource requirements for execution to best align with your Capital Plan and long-term strategy.
  • Develop Performance Measurement and Communication strategies.
  • Measure Performance, compare against Expectations, Evaluate acceptability, Analyze and determine ‘root causes’.

We Understand Your Challenges

We help you Select, Plan, Initiate, Execute, and Deliver your complex Programs and Projects – with successful outcomes and user satisfaction!