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We offer an entire array of Project Management/Controls services – and provide them on both Strategic and Tactical levels and at scalable intensities of participation.  We can provide guidance and Benefit Optimization Analysis in helping you to select and compose the ‘best and most beneficial’ portfolio of projects to execute for a given capital resource availability (do the ‘right’ projects) – and then manage one or more projects in entirety, or to provide specific services or deliverables when and as needed (do projects ‘right’)

We are Deliverable-focused and Outcomes-centric… not just Effort-enhancement or Staffing supplement driven…

We provide Deliverables and ‘successful outcomes’ – and are willing to take a ‘risk position’ regarding the effectiveness of our efforts. We can assume responsibilities for project outcomes – or provide specific skills and capabilities that will assist those having the responsibility for project success.

Program Management

Optimization, Coordination, and Execution of Initiatives and/or Opportunities to best align with and maximize Strategic Corporate Objectives

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Project Management

Providing COORDINATION, CONTROL, and COMMUNICATION to attain successful project outcomes

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Project Controls

Establishing and Managing Success Baselines for Cost, Schedule, Scope, and Resources

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Risk Management

Identifying, Mitigating, and Managing Risks and their threats to Project Success

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Value Management

Attaining the ‘Most’ for ‘Less’ – Optimizing Cost Inputs/Value Outputs

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Dispute Resolution

Achieving Equitable and Fair resolution when ‘good partnerships go bad’

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Project Auditing and Performance Assurance

Independent Review; Unfiltered Assessment of Project Business Case Viability and/or successful execution Performance

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Business Process & Workflow Optimization

Map, Model and Optimize Workflows. Enhance Processes and Align with Industry ‘Best Practices’ More Effective Practices, More Expeditiously Executed and Fewer Touches.

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Resource Management and Optimization

Effective use and ‘load balancing’ of Resources within and across projects

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Estimate Review and Cost Validation

Starting with, and managing to, the ‘right’ numbers and Expectations Budget and Schedule

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