Resolution Begins with Prevention

We recognize that all project stakeholders desire and strive for successful project outcomes. Yet individual participant needs and success factors often differ from those of others and can conflict with project goals. Dispute Resolution begins with Prevention – requiring capabilities in conflict resolution, communication, and fulfillment by all parties of their contractual commitments. When that fails, disputes must be objectively and quickly evaluated with the goals of achieving equitable and timely resolution.

Our approach:

  • Begin with the belief that the project must result in ‘win-win’ outcomes for all. Create an atmosphere of understanding and respect for the business needs of all stakeholders
  • .Perform extensive pre-bid reviews of project documents. Detect and correct ambiguities, incomplete or missing information, and conflicting requirements that are the basis of many, if not most disputes.
  • Develop clear and concise project goals and success indicators that provide the expectations required of all parties.
  • Ensure that these goals and expectations are clearly communicated to all – via the Project Execution Plan, Budget, and Project Documents.
  • Implementing a procedure with which to discuss and to resolve issues as they arise.
  • Measure performance by comparing Accomplishments vs. Efforts -allowing early identification of deviations from expectations and the opportunity to solve problems while they are still manageable.
  • Early identification of Issues and collection of pertinent data.

We Understand Your Challenges

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