Early Participation Has Been a Key to Our Success

Saybrook Associates is an early participant in the Wind Generation, Renewable Energy Industry. As our participation and involvement has increased along with the Industry’s growth, we have created a separate Business Unit within our company to better focus upon and better serve clients in meeting the challenges inherent in, and in many cases, unique to this industry. Saybrook Offshore/Onshore Renewables (Saybrook OSR) maintains fully dedicated experienced Project Management and Project Controls resources with which to serve this industry.

We have participated in and contributed to the success of many Wind Farm initiatives – from ‘early stage’ low-output, land-based initiatives to today’s much larger, more efficient, offshore installations. Development of Strategic Execution Plans organizing, prioritizing, and optimizing workflows, Mapping and Managing the complexities in the Permitting processes, coordinating and tracking international Supply Chain logistics, Cost Management of Design and Installation efforts, and Financial Tracking and Management of Leaseholds and Payments established Conditions for Success that enabled projects to Finish Sooner, at Lower Costs, and with Greater Stakeholder Satisfaction.


Developing Conditions for Successful Projects:

  1. Developing Strategic Work Plans that integrate all Roles, Responsibilities, Decisions, and Key interfaces into an optimized and logically sequenced ‘road map’ to successful completion
  2. Development of Measurable Project Metrics and Key Performance Indicators
  3. Integration of the Strategic Execution Plan with the Baseline Budget to provide a complete TIME/COST Performance and Success Measurement Platform.
  4. Implement processes with which to assess PROGRESS (How Much) and PERFORMANCE (How Well)

Executing Projects Successfully

  1. Mapping and Managing the complex, multijurisdictional, and task-interdependent PERMITTING Process.
  2. Measuring and Measuring Expenditures vs. Budget vs. Earned – for both Cost and Schedule – and Trending performance to ‘Anticipated at Completion’ outcomes
  3. Implementing and maintaining a Document Management process that tracks disposition, whereabouts, and actions required for all project documents and communication among and between participants
  4. Scope Management and Identification of CHANGE and its Cost and Schedule implications and Impacts
  5. ‘Forensic’ identification of ‘Root Causes’ for Performance variances – and suggested actions for mitigation or avoidance.
  6. Strategic Planning for Optimization of High Value Marine Resources
  7. Mapping Modeling, Coordinating, and Managing complex Supply Chain operations
  8. Development of Fact and Trend-based reporting delivered ‘In Time’ for effective Decision Making


We have participated in the following Projects by performing various functions in both the Bidding/Planning into and through the Execution phases.


Name Location MW Developer
Weathersfield Windpark NY 126 Noble Energy
Chateaugay Windpark  NY 127.5 Noble Energy
Allegany Windpark  NY 130.5 Noble Energy
Ball Hill Windpark  NY 105 Noble Energy
Altona Windpark  NY 97.5 Noble Energy
Clinton Windpark  NY 130 Noble Energy
Bliss Windpark  NY 105 Noble Energy
Revolution Offshore RI/CT 704 Eversource/Orsted
South Fork Offshore NY 130 Eversource/Orsted
Sunrise Offshore NY 880 Eversource/Orsted
Empire Wind NY 1260 Eversource/Orsted
Beacon Wind  NY 1230 Eversource/Orsted
Mayflower  MA 1600 Eversource/Orsted

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