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Welcome to Saybrook Associates
Saybrook Associates is a professional services organization offering Program Management and Project Controls solutions to owners of, and investors in, project initiatives. Since 1991, we have combined the elements of Talent, Techniques, and Technology, to deliver the necessary functions of Coordination, Control, and Communication that enable projects to complete sooner, at less cost, and with greater stakeholder satisfaction.

Our clients include Fortune 500 companies, Public Utilities, and large Municipalities. We provide services within many industry sectors including the Pharmaceutical, Energy, Transportation, and High Technology groups. Our Corporate headquarters is located in Centerbrook, Connecticut, with Regional Offices in Phoenix, Arizona and King of Prussia, Pennsylvania.
Our Services Include
> Program Management
> Project Management
> Project Controls
> Risk Management
> Value Management
> Dispute Resolution
> Project Auditing & Performance Assurance
> Business Process &
Workflow Optimization
> Resource Management & Optimization
> Estimate Review & Cost Validation

Our Focus
Through experiences, we recognize that projects seldom fail for Technical reasons - rather they fail because of a lack of Coordination, Control, or Communication among stakeholders and participants.

Our approach and focus is to provide the processes that deliver these outcomes by deploying and utilizing - Talent, Techniques and Technology in the correct combinations and amounts.
Define What is to be done, Who is to do it,
When it is to be done and When it is to be completed, and With what resources and tools. A Strategic Execution Plan that maps Tasks & Sequences, Roles & Responsibilities, Expectations & Deliverables.
Establish Success Criteria and measurable Performance Metrics, measure progress and performance, compare Effort vs. Results, Planned vs. Actual, Analyze gaps, Trend to 'At Completion', and suggest mitigation measures.
Get the Right information to the Right people - at the Right time, and in the Right format. Convert Data » Information » Actionable Intelligence!
Knowledgeable, motivated, and committed to your success.
Industry standards, Professional and Business 'Best Practices' for organizing, optimizing, and mapping project steps and operations.
State of the art technology solutions for mapping and measuring workflows, business processes, and calculating performance.
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