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Resource Management & Optimization
Project initiatives require Resources with which to identify, plan, and execute a project's scope and tasks. Saybrook Associates understands that while these Resources differ as to type - commodity, intellectual, capital, or labor - they all share the attributes of (1) Scarcity and (2) Costliness.

As such, Resources and Resource utilization requires appropriate planning and optimization strategies in their acquisition, commitment, and deployment. Strategies must result in tactics that provide the Right Resources, in Right Amounts, and at the Right Times.

What How
Identify/Quantify Resource needs Associate required Commodity, Labor, Capital, and Managerial resources to Tasks.
Identify deployment/utilization needs Assign Resources to Tasks or Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) elements. Integrate into Project Execution Plan (Schedule).
Identify Resource availability Utilize market analysis to identify availability and competing demands from external sources. Identify competing demands from internal sources.
Identify 'pinch points' and 'overloads Generate Utilization Curves from Project Plan. Compare with Resource availability or limitations.
Optimize utilization Eliminate 'overloads' through Leveling, absorption of Float, and re-sequencing of Tasks. Assess and deploy tactics that include inter-project sharing, use of alternative resources, changes in execution methods, or solicitation and attraction of additional resources.

Benefits to You and Your Organization
Early acquisition of /commitment Early identification and use planning enables early 'locking in' of needs.
Minimize 'in and out' mobilization costs Planned utilization permits efficient and orderly application.
No surprises Planning and development of mitigation scenarios - in advance of resource shortfalls.
Resource Management & Optimization

Case Study
A major U.S. city - whose population placed it within the top 10 ranking - engaged Saybrook Associates to analyze resource use and suggest optimization strategies as appropriate. This city was engaged in the execution of a 600+ project, $1.6-billion capital program being performed in a much decentralized manner over a large geographic area.

By using the strategies/tactics mentioned above, we were able to identify the following problems: (1) Many city-qualified and city-experienced vendors, contractors, and professional firms were being underutilized, and while many city-qualified and city-experienced vendors, contractors, and professional firms were being over-utilized. No awareness of resource deployment inefficiencies existed across the enterprise; as a result several projects were underperforming as a result of overburdened participants, while others were probably not benefiting from cost savings that might be obtained through a wider distribution of task/contract assignments. (2) Many projects were unknowingly competing with one another for the same resources, unaware of and with no motive to identify similar underused resources that were readily available, and (3) Many projects were procuring resources/services at the same time that other projects were idleing the same or similar resources that were already owned or being paid-for by the City. Likewise, we identified opportunities for: (1) Sharing key resources across the portfolio of projects that resulted (2) 'Balancing' the distribution of Service and task-based contracts resulting in quicker engagement and deployment, (3) Unburdening overloaded and 'stretched' key contractors whose performance was faltering
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