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Project Controls
Successful projects begin with clearly defined goals and performance expectations, a well documented execution strategy and plan, and unambiguous allocation and assignment of responsibilities understood and agreed upon by all participants. Projects complete successfully because of effective Project Controls methodologies that help keep the project 'on course' and avoid or mitigate problems that do occur.

Our approach to Project Controls:
  1. Measures Performance - Comparing results vs. effort, Actual vs. Planned
  2. Trending and 'Early Warning' tell you where you are headed - not just where you've been. Performance analysis enables timely identification and correction of problems.
  3. Manages resources by analyzing needs and identifying constraints and overloads early; optimize resource requirements by leveling or through reprioritization of tasks.
  4. Better information - sooner. Web based reporting enables enhanced feedback and recommendations. Management makes better decisions - sooner.
  5. Integrates Cost and Resources with the Execution Plan - each affects the others, and are managed together.
  6. Solutions, Options, and Recommendations - for every problem or challenge, we suggest 'what-ifs' and alternatives for consideration.
Project Controls

Case Study
How can a company meet customer demands while improving its processes? We helped an international shipbuilding firm do just that. Its customers, including the US Navy, required results-vs.-effort assessments, along with stringent mandates for status, variance, and trend reporting. The potential for more work from one of the customers was also jeopardized by the perception that certain fabrication resources would be so overloaded that the shipyard could not cope with more work.

Working with shipyard management and shop supervision, the Saybrook Associates team developed and implemented an execution plan that integrated design, procurement, fabrication, and commissioning by using Primavera P3e and an earned-value performance measurement. We also loaded activities in the execution plan with key facility, material, personnel, and tooling resources. This enabled us to evaluate the baseline plan for resource availability, overloads and capacity constraints, as well as alternative and "what-if" scenarios and work-around strategies.

As a result, our client could manage and monitor work processes against a baseline plan and measure performance against plan and effort, and undertake additional work without compromising present or future projects. In fact, the shipyard received an RFP for additional work from a previously skeptical customer.

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