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Business Process & Workflow Optimization
In addition to talent and technology, effective management of project initiatives requires, techniques and processes based upon generally accepted 'best practices' and industry-standard methodologies.

Most importantly, Processes employed should align with and support corporate and project goals rather than simply 'force fit' work operations and project goals into existing - possibly inefficient or even ineffective - procedures and processes.

Saybrook Associates understands that meaningful performance measurement and assessment begins with project work operations that have been mapped, modeled, and modified to conform to best and most efficient practices - then optimized and streamlined to enable the fastest execution with the fewest 'touches' possible.

What How
Identify corporate or project goals Identify performance goals for project operational steps, and determine success indicators in terms of time, 'touches', and effectiveness.
Map & Model Workflows Develop flow charts depicting operations and steps, 'touches', timing, and intended benefit or added value for each.
Enhance Practices and Processes Compare and align/modify current practices with Industry standard and 'best' practices.
Optimize Workflows Eliminate redundant operations or steps, identify opportunities to eliminate unneeded steps, reduce 'touches' for each step, discover opportunities to convert 'series' operations into 'parallel'.

Benefits to You and Your Organization
Cost savings Streamlined workflow and throughput operations requiring fewer steps and touches by fewer persons.
Time savings Faster process and reduced cycle times eliminating bottlenecks and delays.
Best Practices Supporting corporate and project goals & objectives with recognized 'best practices'.
Value-added steps and processes Processes that support goals & objectives - rather than goals & objectives limited by existing processes.
Business Process & Workflow Optimization

Case Study
A large Pharmaceutical company engaged Saybrook Associates to assist them in developing and implementing program and project management practices for successfully managing an ongoing capital plan portfolio having an estimated value of $1-billion planned for execution over a 5 year span. Saybrook Associates was asked to (1) Analyze existing practices to determine their adequacy, efficiency, and effectiveness in supporting this initiative, (2) Introduce industry recognized standard and discipline advocated best practices into the working paradigm of the capital plan execution, and., and (3) Streamline the resulting processes and methodology work operations to reduce cycle times, reduce errors, and uphold and support corporate business rules and project performance standards.

We concentrated upon (1) Procurement Solicitation, Review, and Award, (2) Contract Performance Measurement, (3) Progress Measurement and Payment Approval, and (4) Submittal Review, Processing, and Response processes. Our Gap analysis identified many opportunities for modifying and enhancing processes and work operations to increase both efficiency and effectiveness.

As a result of streamlined processes and realigned responsibilities for certain reviews and responsibilities, project schedules were shortened to incorporate reduced procurement cycle times, shortened submittal review times, metric-driven measurement of contractor performance, more accurate progress disbursements, and faster cycling of contractor payments.
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