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November 2012:Saybrook Associates is pleased to announce the formation of a Strategic Alliance and Partnering Collaboration with DWL Project Solutions Inc. This partnering will enhance and extend Saybrook’s capabilities in providing the development and deployment of Estimating and Cost Validation processes that will better assist our Owner clients in attaining correct and optimal Cost baselines with which to budget, measure, and manage their Programs and Projects.

DWL Project Solutions and its Principal, Douglas (Doug) Leo, has demonstrated success in Estimating Organization & Management, Estimating Methods & Procedures Development, Technical Estimating support in Petrochemicals, Refinery, Oil Extraction, Manufacturing, Industrial & Commercial Buildings, and Mining operations. Coupled with Saybrook’s extensive Estimating and Cost Validation experience in the Pharmaceutical and Power Generation industry, our Strategic Alliance now offers a more powerful and extensive capability to benefit Owners of and Investors in capital projects throughout the entire spectrum of Process industries.

Doug founded DWL Project Solutions six years ago after thirty years of professional estimating and project consulting experience in engineering and construction industries. Doug is certified by the Association for the Advancement of Cost Engineering International (AACEI) as a Certified Cost Consultant (CCC) and Certified Estimating Professional (CEP), and currently holds the position of Chair of Cost Estimating Committee for the AACEI.

Saybrook Associates looks forward to extending this strengthened capability to better serve you.

May 2012: Saybrook 'Down Under': Saybrook Associates launched its Australian Field Office. Our team is mobilizing in Pinjarra, Western Australia, to provide Program Management and Control services to Alcoa for their Mine and Refinery projects located there as well as for another refinery located in Kwinana. We will assist in providing the essential elements of Coordination, Control, and Communication within and between these projects and all stakeholders to help ensure successful Project and Program outcomes.

April 2012: Saybrook Associates is pleased to begin its new engagement with Alexion Pharmaceuticals. Saybrook has been engaged to provide Project Management and Project Controls services that will assist in ensuring successful project outcomes at their Cheshire, Connecticut campus.

Celebrating Twenty Years!
Saybrook Associates has just reached its Twentieth Anniversary! While proud to have attained this significant milestone, we are mindful – and appreciative – of the reasons for our success: Our People and our Value-driven Principles.

Our founding focus and mission was to provide the Talent, Techniques & Knowledge, and Technology & Tooling to enable Owners of and Investors in capital project initiatives processes and practices to ensure successful project outcomes. Our talented and achievement-focused employees have grown our company not only by embracing and applying best practices and industry standards for Program Management & Project Controls, they have also help grow our industry through their creative contributions to those practices and standards that have been demanded of our professional sector to keep pace with the continuing evolution in project management needs and methods over the past twenty years.

Thanks to all of our colleagues - and thanks to our clients who have displayed their faith in our ability to help their initiatives complete sooner, at lower cost, and with greater stakeholder satisfaction!

February 2011: Saybrook Associates Inc. has been engaged to implement a new project management system at Alstom Power's Manufacturing Facility in Wuhan, China. This facility produces large and precision-critical components that are custom manufactured for installation at power generating plants throughout Asia. The system has been designed to help the factory better manage the workflow and optimize throughput at this facility. Our implemented approach will enable Alstom to identify critical issues affecting production, balance fabrication priorities among the many projects ‘competing & clamoring’ for shop time and attention, and to assist in ensuring that Cost as well as Schedule goals are met. Saybrook Associates is also conducting customized Project Management & Controls training on site and also provides hands on support in building, resource loading and analyzing their projects in Primavera.

This facility in Wuhan joins two others in Durgapur, India and Surabaya, Indonesia where Saybrook is providing similar assistance.

August 2010: Philadelphia Region- Merck Pharmacuetical
Bio Analytical Support( US, Europe, Asia)

Saybrook was chosen to assist the Merck Pharmaceutical Analytical Team to deliver Validated Methods to be used in Process Validation activities. A stable approach to testing manufactured drug products is essential to the success of multi-billions of dollars investment in drug or vaccine programs, and risks to the overall business are substantial in that market deadlines could be missed and product may not be released onto the market.

Saybrook is providing the team with the core skills of Project Management, Program Management and Plan Management with which to succeed in this challenging environment. Through interactive planning, core team representation, status updates, issue escalation and weekly forecast updates the project is being successfully driven to a realistic completion date to support the overall drug program.

Systems Integration Plan ( US, Asia)

Mergers and Acquisitions are rarely a smooth process and necessitate considerable planning to ensure the legal requirements of the mergers are met. Early planning will result in a well executed merger or acquisition.

Saybrook was chosen to support Merck Pharmaceutical's Systems Integration Program plan out the work load and deliverables ready for a "Go-Live" date for integrated systems. Multiple applications from expense systems, to banking from finance to material management are being used across this global company. Alignment of deliverables from Key Business Units and the "regions" in which the applications are being aligned is paramount.

The success of the program is hinged around a small window where every business transactions is put on hold (frozen) for a period of time while systems and data are migrated to the chosen application.

Saybrook is working within the Program Management team to align a dozen business units located in five countries.

August 2010: Philadelphia Region- Sanofi Pasteur
Horizon (PDP) Project Delivery Plan( Pennsylvania)

It is generally understood that larger capital projects, while they are of greater value and effort, are somewhat easier to manage than multiple smaller projects of an equivalent value and complexity, just due to the greater number of reporting lines, inefficiencies and duplication of effort. Increasing the efficiency and success of smaller project is a focus with their existing Client.

Saybrook is being engaged by Sanofi-Pasteur to develop a Project Delivery Plan (PDP) for bringing together Work Flow Plans (initiation to delivery), Project Management Standards, Reporting Requirements and Key Performance Indicators. The initial phase, just commencing, will be to develop a clear, simple and effective work flow process that can be followed by multi department teams to support the successful delivery of small projects.

Development of the overall PDP will expand to supporting the Work Flow Process in standardizing tools, formats and timing of project management to better understand and forecast the annual cycle of projects.

April 2010: Saybrook Associates has been engaged by COVIDIEN Healthcare to assist in the planning and execution of its capital development program in facilities world-wide. Covidien - formally Tyco Healthcare - is a $10 billion global healthcare products leader dedicated to innovation in providing an array of health delivery systems. Saybrook Associates is proud to be part of the team turning vision into accomplishment!

April 2010: We are pleased to announce that Michael Chudy, a Senior Project Manager and Client Relations Manager for our New England/New York Regional Office, has successfully completed his certificate course in Facilities Operations, Maintenance, and Management offered through The Construction Institute of The University of Hartford.

In considering Life-cycle costs of a capital investment, ongoing Operations and Maintenance costs constitute, in most projects, a majority component of those costs - and as such require sophisticated techniques and technologies with which to optimize the reliability and functioning of that investment while minimizing cost and expense.

As proponents of the Total Cost Management approach to investment optimization, We are pleased that Mike's accomplishment bolsters our capability to providing the outcomes and benefits of such.

March 2010: Saybrook Associates has leveraged its previous success with the Alcoa/Fluor strategic alliance by providing Strategic Execution Planning and Resource Optimization services for Phase II of Alcoa's Warrick Station power plant located near Evansville, Indiana. Saybrook - in conjunction with the Alcoa and Fluor team - developed a Project Execution Plan that identifies, maps, and models tasks needed to accomplish project outcomes, and assigns resources and activity sequencing in such manner as to best-optimize the cost/resource/time balance point.

February 2010: King of Prussia office expands. Saybrook Associates has increased its resident professional and technical team to meet increasing demands placed upon that office for value-add Project Management and Project Controls solutions. Our enhanced staff - along with our strategic Philadelphia-area location - enables increased support capabilities within the Eastern Pennsylvania, Northern Delaware, and Northern New Jersey areas.

February 2010: Wayne Magro recognized as a Risk Management Professional. Saybrook Associates is pleased to announce that Wayne Magro has recently been certified as a Risk Management Professional by the Project Management Institute (PMI).

Wayne is a Senior Project Manager in our organization, and as a part of his Project Management capabilities has in the past actively applied 'best practices' in Risk Management' in behalf of our clients. This certification recognizes and codifies his capabilities and experiences gained during many engagements over many years.

Saybrook Associates combines and deploys 'Best Practices' with 'Project Management savvy' in identifying Risk and Threats to project success, and in analyzing, assessing, and recommending meaningful and cost-effective strategies with which to Mitigate, Transfer, or Eliminate them.

August 2009: Burns & McDonnell Engineering Company of Kansas City, Missouri has issued a Professional Consulting Agreement to Saybrook Associates. Saybrook's scope will include Strategic Execution Planning & Scheduling, Workflow Mapping, Modeling, and Optimization, and Cost Management services in assisting Burns & McDonnell in their role as Program Manager for the NEEWS Projects (New England East West Solution. These projects are central to Northeast Utilities Service Company's transmission line upgrade initiative, and include the Greater Springfield Reliability Project, The Interstate Reliability Project, and the Central Connecticut Reliability Project.

July 2009: Saybrook Associates is extremely pleased to announce the addition of Jon Vine to our team of Program Management and Project Controls professionals. As Vice President, Operations and Client Services, Jon will have accountability for Client satisfaction and Operations Management in for our newly established King of Prussia (Philadelphia), Pennsylvania office serving our expanding client base throughout the entire Delaware Valley Region.

While engaging and supporting staff in the development and implementation of program management/project controls consultant services, Jon's key role within the Saybrook team will be focused on business strategy, market growth, client relations and company operations.

Throughout the past 17 years of his career Jon has assisted key pharmaceutical, industrial, educational and commercial clients in delivering their programs within the tri-state and Delaware Valley area as well as in North American and European locations.

May 2009: The Advanced Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) recognizes Robert L. Tichacek. Robert L. Tichacek, Principal, was conferred the status of Life Member in appreciation in appreciation of his lifetime service to the profession of Civil Engineering.

March 2009: Saybrook Associates Inc. in partnership with Humphries and Associates LLC has been selected by ATK to design, develop and produce the first stage propulsion system for the Ares I Crew Launch Vehicle. Saybrook Associates Inc. will be converting existing scheduled from MS Project to Primavera 6.2. resource loading the schedule, replanning the program setting the IMS up for use in EVMS reporting per Defense Contract Management Agency and NASA requirement.

February 2009: Saybrook Associates Inc. has been selected by Alstom Power Inc. to provide project planning and support for the "India Program." The program is a partnership with a local Indian Power Company to design, procure, and build coal fired power projects in India.

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